Getting things done without getting the word out

, by Frank Hellenkamp


It has been a very long time since I managed to publish an article here. And it's not because there wouldn't be anything to talk about. But we are working a lot, so there is no time left to show and tell. Why? Well, because there is always a next project waiting to be finished.  


And I am sure, we are not the only ones having this problem: A lot of freelance designers and small agencies I know don't have the time or resources, to publish what they are doing regulary. Some people just shout on Twitter or on Facebook instead, but I have to admit: I like not to brag. But I think that some of the things we do are worth seeing nontheless. 


I already wanted to write about this... more than year ago. 

But this has to change – Starting right now! 

So, what were we working on?

So first, there is Screen-Pitch: 

Screen-Pitch is an online platform which enables screen-writers to present their film ideas to producers in the form of video pitches. Originally founded by Linus Foerster, Ben and I implemented based on depage-cms. 


Here you can watch the Pitch for Screen Pitch (german)

What else?

A lot of websites. 


E.g. the third installment of pop-up-my-bathroom. This time in purple with a new responsive layout: 


Or a website for the SPD Baden-Württemberg for their 150th birthday together with IFK Berlin. For this we designed a tablet optimized timeline, where you can navigate from one year to the next by swiping through time. 

New Booklet

I also designed a Booklet for the new CD »A Kit for Mending Thoughts« for Efrat Alony. This was a lot of fun, building small puppets out of paper and telling little stories with it. Later I will write more about the details. 

Your can Listen to some of the songs at the alony website. But better: Buy the album... ;-) 


While working on other things, we managed to implement some general stuff, that is already opensource or will be once it's documented, including a lot of jQuery plugins: 

  • depage-magaziner, a plugin for a touch-based website navigation
  • depage-player, a video html5/flash video player that powers
  • depage-shy-dialogue, a unobtrusive dialog to include in websites
  • depage-growl, a notification library to use native notifications where available with a nice html-fallback

And last but not least:

I also was teaching at the hfg Offenbach in February and May (a workshop about tablet magazines and another one about responsive design). 

And tomorrow I will go to the, hopefully meeting a lot of good people. 


Stay tuned!