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Frank Hellenkamp

Solmstraße 7

10961 Berlin

Tel +49 30 49 78 20 70

Who we are

Frank Hellenkamp Design / Development / Usability

... already started to design computer interfaces at the times of MS-DOS. His passion for computers became first apparent in the 80s when his parents had to leave him in a technical museum to program in front of a computer, because he didn't have one of his own. At first he designed and programmed just interfaces for the command line. Later he jumped into GUI-Programming (Graphical User Interace) for Windows.

He started designing before studying with Hesse Design in Düsseldorf and began studying communications design in Wuppertal a year later.

Since 2002 he lives and works freelance as an interface designer and developer in Berlin. And when he programs its always about interfaces.

He founded the content management system depage-cms in 2003.

In 2017 he cofounded scriptDock together with Paula Redlefsen.

Apart from working freelance for various agencies he also works on a number of independent projects like

Contributors throughout the years

Sebastian Reinhold Development Backend / Chief of Testing

Ben Wallis Development Frontend / Backend

Lion Vollnhals Development Backend

Stefan Simroth Development Backend

Jens Wittmann Development Frontend

Katharina Mehner Development Frontend

Thank you all!