Office — the black sheep

Word, PowerPoint, Excel (and sometimes also OpenOffice)

For most companies Office (usually a version of Microsoft Office) is the most used, most widespread and probably most hated software program. Nearly everybody in a company has to work with it – but hardly anybody likes it. 


Looking at it from the angle of corporate design Office is still considered a stepchild. A fact is that everybody has to deal with it and that therefore they have a strong opinion about it.  


However, those specializing in optical design, namely the graphic designers and typographers etc. do not want to concern themselves with this. And the IT-specialists who are — technically speaking — more capable, either do not want to concern themselves with this, considering that programming in Office cannot be taken seriously or have difficulty in creating the layout laid down by the designer. 


This is exactly where we come in.  

For these clients we have created templates and Office solutions:

in collaboration with the following agencies: